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19 February 2013

PYP Exhibition Guidelines

These are the main points of the PYP Exhibition Guidelines document as analyzed and synthesized by Sonya Wild on 7 December 2011
It's almost time for Mr. Harris' class at ISOCS to begin thinking about their Exhibition.  I'm sharing this Prezi by Sony Wild as a way to get our imaginations working, and also because it's an excellent example of how to use Prezi well.

If you are unfamiliar with the site, Prezi is a sort of non-linear, navigable presentation tool. There are very interesting possibilities in it's power of zoom and retreat, pathways or random selection of topics, inclusion of image, text, video and hyperlinks.

There are many tutorials for how to use Prezi.  Start with Prezi's own Learn page 

by Sonya Wild on 7 December 2011

If you're thinking of using a Prezi to tell your story, I strongly suggest you browse through the Prezi YouTube Channel, for basic information about how to use the tool, for examples of well-built Prezi's, and for a closer look at how to use the tools effectively.  A good Prezi can be so much more than twisting-turning PowerPoint or Keynote slides!