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01 February 2013

Digital Survey for Ten and Eleven Year Olds

A few weeks ago I asked my web-friends to help a class in another school with research for their unit of inquiry into digital media.  I Tweeted the request, and several people re-Tweeted it. The class had so many responses that they closed the survey at 250, so that they could deal with the data!  Thank you to all of you reading this who helped provide their data.

Their teacher, Mrs. Gerling, shared some of the process:
"(The students) learned about using a filter to select specific information in the columns and how to write formulas to count data. We made graphs, discussed, analysed and pasted into Prezi. They also learned that poorly worded questions don’t give you any information at all, and that the computer is very specific when dealing with information, and when someone spells Switzerland without a capital, it doesn’t get counted. So we had to fix up a lot of spelling, and even used a pencil and paper tally to count the on-line games..."

The results have been analysed, and have peen presented in this Prezi by the students.

 This is the transcript of the Prezi:
Digital Survey for Ten and Eleven Year Olds
"We created a survey with 10 questions using Google docs survey. The questions were for 10 and 11 year old children. We wanted to find out how they used digital media. We put the survey on-line and people responded.
We had people from 22 countries who answered our survey.  Nearly all students who answered our survey have an email account.  We used the first 250 responses to form our statistics: 124 Males 126 Females. 
There are 30 students who spend more than 3 hours per day on-line. 
There were 55 yes responses and 190 no responses. 
We asked students which digital devices they used and owned: computer or laptop,  iPad or tablet,  mp3 or iPod,  cellphone, gaming device, digital camera. 
What is your favourite on-line game? 

  • 61 different games were listed 
  • 96 respondents replied "None" 
  • Most popular games: Minecraft- 27, Friv-11, Fifa 13-10.

Possible problems with our data: 

  • We can not be sure that all respondents were 10 or 11.
  • We do not know if people answered more than once. 
  • We do not know if respondents answered honestly"