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12 November 2012

My Shoebox

This morning PetaPixal reviewed a new site/app called My Shoebox, which looks like a very useful tool for ISOCS Middle School students, who are creating Digital Portfolios, and looking for ways to send photos taken on their Android tablets to other applications or storage sites.  My Shoebox may be a good candidate for photo storage, because unlimited backup is free.  You can send photos from your Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices.

The site features
  • Secure Private Backup - Only you can access your photos. Your photos are stored with the same encryption used by banks. Nothing is ever shared without your explicit permission.
  • MyShoebox will automatically keep your photos backed up from your computer, phone and tablet. No external hard drives or manual syncing.
  • MyShoebox lets you access your entire photo collection from any device without taking up storage space.
  • By default, the  Android app waits until your phone is charging to backup full resolution photos.
How can this be free?
 "MyShoebox doesn’t limit its membership plans based on storage, but on resolution. Free accounts can store an unlimited number of JPG and PNG photos (RAW isn’t supported), but it limits the dimensions to 1024px and shrinks uploaded photos down if necessary. Pay $5 a month, and you’ll be able to store an unlimited number of max-res images — as long as they weigh in at under 20MB each."(Read more at PetaPixal)  

Which means that for free, you can look at all your pictures, display them on any digital device. Read more on the FAQ page.

I decided to test My Shoebox, to see if it would useful for our students. easy to use, and work as it promises. I created an account, and uploaded all the photos in my iPad: Here are some screen shots (taken on my PC):

Screen shot My Shoebox
 You can view, sort and search for your photos by "Events",
Screen shot My Shoebox
 Through time order,
Screen shot My Shoebox
 Click on Explore, and your photos will fill the screen.
Screen shot My Shoebox

Search by date,
Screen shot My Shoebox
 or by camera.
Screen shot My Shoebox
You can read more about MyShoebox, and the company behind it at TechCrunch. Be sure to watcch the video with one of the developers.

MyShoebox from Fidelity Format on Vimeo.