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13 October 2012

'Journey' Game and Book

This post is for all the game players at ISOCS, and the would-be game designers.  Also, probably, for the book designers.

My attention was caught this morning by this article about a book of art inspired by a PlayStation3 game.  I don't have a PlayStation3, I've never played this game.  But I'm interested in the possibilities of augmented reality and in game playing, and in art.  After looking at the publicity for the book, I went on to thatgamecompany's website, and learned more about the game itself.

In the videos that follow, listen to the game's creators talk about their conception of the game and game play in general, how they wanted to make Journey different; notice the enormous amount of planning that went into the game's production  - storyboards, color pallets  musical conception and performance - it took several years.  Also listen to the talk about emotion, cooperation, collaboration, mood, language, commonality, development, process, exploration.

Published on Mar 2, 2012 by 
Go behind the scenes at developer thatgamecompany as they discuss their third game, Journey, as well as their philosophy behind the creation process and the video game industry in general.

Published on Mar 7, 2012 by 
Go behind the scenes at developer thatgamecompany as they discuss their third game, Journey, including a look at the gameplay, concept and art style, soundtrack and more.

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by 
Take an inside look at the art and inspirations that went into the award-winning Journey from developer thatgamecompany and Santa Monica Studio, and get a sneak peak at the premium hardcover art book hitting stores soon.

The game's creators at thatgamecompany describe the book:
"Seeing how Journey has resonated with players across the world, we wanted to work with the Santa Monica Studio to provide a deeper look into the visual development behind this critically acclaimed hit. So, we’re excited to let everyone know that we will be presenting you with a wonderful first-time look at the extensive artwork that went into bringing Journey to life. It’s the first book directly inspired by one of our games and is titled The Art of Journey and will be available for purchase in September."

This is the debut trailer of the game itself:

and a glimpse into a recording session for the game's sound track: