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22 September 2012

New Page for this blog

There's a new Page on this blog (see the tabs under the blog title), which links directly to a new curation site I'm experimenting with - Tech News for ISOCS, published weekly on Monday morning.

I'm using Paper.li:

"Paper.li is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.
We believe that people (and not machines) are the ones qualified to curate the content that matters most. We also think that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in. We’re here to help!
Every day, around the world, millions of articles are featured on Paper.lis, benefiting millions of readers. We are just at the beginning of an exciting new adventure and we think we’re on to something good.
We love the semantic web, we respect our content creators, we strive for simplicity, and we thrive on feedback." (link)
What's the new page for?  Every day I come across so many interesting things I would like to share with the students and staff at ISOCS - I bookmark some of them on Diigo, I write about some of them on this ICT blog, I add some of them to our unit wikis at Wikispaces and link to them in our PYP Planners, and send links by email to particular people I hope will find them interesting, too....but there is still so much information!  Videos, images, blog posts, research papers, maps, news feeds, info-graphics...So I have created Tech News for ISOCS as one more place to try to corral  and focus interesting "stuff" from the web.
Screen Shot
I'm curating a few other Paper.li sties, too.  One is Learning with iPads; another is The Medieval World