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07 September 2012

Interactive sites for Ancient Civilizations

Several recommendations from friends and colleagues for the ISOCS Class 4, 5 and Middle School History classes:

Write like a Babylonian
Screen shot of  http://www.penn.museum/cgi/cuneiform.cgi

My monogram  in Cuneiform
If you want to know more about Cuneiform writing, watch the first two videos in this playlist, and visit the British Museum web site:

If you'd also like to be writing as an ancient Egyptian, use this hieroglyphic translator.  Guess what this Hieroglyph means.

Screen shot of  http://www.egyptvoyager.com/hieroglyph_translator.htm 
Or use this heiroglyphic Print Machine:
Screen shot of  http://www.eyelid.co.uk/hieroglyphic-typewriter.html 
(Do you think using a hieroglyph writer like these is really writing in an ancient language, or only looks like it?  are the concepts behind the languages the same?)

Find the font at  http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=704 

The British Museum Young Explorers
Test your skills, knowledge (and bravery!) in Time explorer - the new adventure game from the British Museum.
Travel back in time to explore ancient cultures and rescue precious objects from imminent disaster.
Screen shot of  http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/young_explorers/play/museum_run.aspx 

If you're more of a hands-on Ancient, visit the Mummy Maker interactive page on the BBC History site.