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16 September 2012

Gmail and Google Calendar Tutorials for Beginners

For the Middle School students:

Published on Mar 4, 2012 by 
An overview tutorial of Gmail for beginners using the 2012 Gmail interface.
Gmail Topics Covered:

Navigating within your Gmail account
Accessing your Gmail settings
Setting up your Gmail signature
Composing messages in Gmail
Receiving messages in Gmail
Working with labels in Gmail
Creating custom labels in Gmail

Presented by Anson Alexander from http://AnsonAlex.com

Published on Jul 12, 2012 by 
A video tutorial on Google Calendar for beginners covering the following topics:

Navigating within Google Calendar
Changing Views in Google Calendar
Creating Events in Google Calendar
Creating Event Reminders in Google Calendar
Inviting Guests to Events in Google Calendar

Presented by Anson Alexander from http://AnsonAlex.com