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05 September 2012

Conversation with a whole new set of people

This morning I've been reading 100 Ways to Use Facebook in Your Classroom, on Edudemic.  Under the Resources heading, I followed the link to "Museums and more: Help your students follow along with local and international museums, art galleries, exhibits, and more for enriched learning on Facebook." and came to a page from TeachingHistory.org with links to the Facebook pages from these museums (among others).

I investigated each of these pages, and found many interesting and visual bits of information, including a link to  this video shared by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I watched it out of curiosity, because I have a personal interest in Wright's architectural history.  I was struck by this sentence towards the end of the video "...(through this collection) Frank Loyd Wright is entering into conversation with a whole new set of people..."

Intreagued by this corner of Facebook I hadn't encountered before (I know, I'm late to this party!) I was curious about other art museums, or museums in general on Facebook, and found this web page: http://www.musesphere.com/Facebook/ with links to scores of world-class museums' Facebook pages.  Some pages are merely static presences, but many are vibrant windows into the collections and activities in the museum, updated several times a day. (Useful to have Google Translate installed in my browser, offering  to translate web pages from whatever language the museum posts in.) If you're interested in a particular area of the world, or of art that isn't on that list, try a general Google search with the term [Facebook] and your interest - you'll find hundreds more listings.

I think all these Facebook pages are enabling "conversation with a whole new set of people..." -  web visitors having conversations with museums, and museums having conversations with  their visitors, physical and virtual.