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29 September 2012

Computer Buddies

Go to ISOCS Class 1, 2, 3's  blog for the story of our Computer Buddies first project.  Ms. Katter writes:

"After personalised invitations from Class 1,2,3, we happily received a visit from Class 6,7 for the first ever "computer buddies" session. There was a lot of learning and a lot of fun, with the students from Class 6,7 proving to be fantastic teachers. 

We reviewed some of the important basics, turning on the computer with the new password, correctly turning off the computer and saving our work. After the students took self portraits using the webcam, they started to explore the program  PhotoFiltre

This is where the laughs began, as the students were able to do all sorts of crazy things to their original picture. They let their imaginations go wild, with pink hair, tiaras, snowflakes and fun dots all over their face. The inaugural "computer buddies" session was a huge success and we look forward to future visits. A warm thank you to Mr Berndt and Class 6,7 for their knowledge, patience and fun instruction."

You'll find a series of photos on her blog post recording the event.