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19 August 2012

Blog Book for the Middle Primary Class

For the Middle Primary Class at ISOCS 2011 - 2012:

Volume 3 of  Miss Judy's annual blog book, The Middle Primary Class @ ISOCS is available on Blurb. There's a brief preview is below.

The Middle Primary Class @ ISOCS by Judy Firkins | Make Your Own Book

Judy and I created the book using Blurb's software, BookSmart, which "slurps" the content of a blog into your computer, and lays it out in continuous text. Then the editors' job is to fine tune the pages, add larger photos and screen shots where desired, choose fonts and colors, and design covers.

We've used Booksmart before to make small books on a few of our units of inquiry (here here, and here), and for the ISOCS Yearbook.  We can attest to Blurb's customer service being helpful and generous.

Note: The price you'll find if you order this book from Blurb is cost - there is no profit generated for the author or editor.

I'm wondering if digital portfolios, kept in a blog, would make interesting paper books at the end of a year, using the same process...