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24 August 2012


PBS Off Book has published a new video for us, The art of animation and motion graphics.
Off Book is a web-original series from Public Broadcasting System (USA) that explores cutting edge art, the artists that make it and the people that share it online. New episodes every other Thursday.

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Animation has been captivating audiences for more than a hundred years. From classic forms like hand drawn and stop-motion, to cutting-edge techniques like motion graphics and CGI, animation has a long history of creating style and poetry unachievable through live action filmmaking. It is a tool for educating, a place for experimentation and play, and a way of telling personal stories that reach the viewer with powerful visual metaphors. 

Check the video's YouTube page for links to each of the featured artists.

As you watch this video, keep track how long each tiny section lasts - 1 second? 2 seconds?  The whole video is 6 min 43 seconds long...so that's how many cuts?  Does the music enhance the speed, or distract you?

Have you made an animation?
These (here and here ) blog posts list computer animation software recommended for young people  - be sure to read down through the comments for more ideas.  Apps in Education lists 10 iPad apps with which you can create animations.  This page lists apps for both iOS and Android.
These apps available on  Google Play will work on ISOCS Android Tablets: Drawing Cartoons and Stick Draw.