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26 July 2012

More about "NeverSeconds" school lunch blog

In June I wrote about a blog called NeverSeconds, by A British schoolgirl, Martha Payne. BBC 4's Food Program Podcast of July 16 (2012) visited Martha and her family.  Listen to the podcast, and hear how Martha (AKA 'VEG'), a nine year, explain how she unwittingly triggered a wordwide debate on school food.

When you visit NeverSeconds right now, you'll find blog posts by host of guest bloggers, rather than Martha (VEG).  Scroll back through the posts, and  look at the pictures of meals. Also click the link to look at  Mary's Meals, the charity which NeverSeconds supports.  "Mary’s Meals provides daily meals to chronically hungry children in a place of learning. In this way the hungry child is attracted to the classroom where they can gain a better future for themselves and their community".