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28 July 2012

Becoming better gamers/learners

One of my favorite games on my iPad is Fairway Solitaire, by BigFish Games. It's a well written, solid game, so I subscribe to the company's blog, to keep an eye on updates, and see what's new, hoping that they will create another game that I'll be interested in.
Screen shot of  bigfishgames.com

The other day they posted "Can Chess make you a better gamer?" which caught my attention.
"Games are like music, movies, and books. Most games enjoy a brief time in the world, and then quickly disappear for others to take their place. However, one game which has truly stood the test of time is chess. Few games have been around as long, and even fewer have been as popular."

The post lists 4 ways that playing chess improves your game playing skills in general, (and I would say, your learning/inquiry skills, too).
1. Chess teaches Patience!
2. Chess teaches you how to be observant
3. Chess teaches finding a method to the madness.
4. Chess teaches planning ahead

The author,  Jacob St. Martin, describes each point very well - I urge you to click through and read the post.

ISOCS offers a Chess Club on Wednesday afternoon - sign up, so that you can improve your gaming and learning skills!