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20 June 2012


I'm always on the lookout for apps and websites that help you create something new, or something habitual in a new way. This morning, Stilla caught my attention. I downloaded it after watching this video demo: 

Stilla is a gyroscopic 3D camera for the iPhone. (It's 1 US$ on the app store)

Investigating futhrer, I found that the app has its own website at stil.la, which is even more interesting than the video trailer.

"Of any given moment, you take two, three or more pictures. For every image, Stilla will then remember the direction you were looking at.

These images become facets of an interactive, three dimensional object. It looks a bit like a crystal but feels more delicate, like a memory. It’s like holding a picture in your hand. And when you start to turn it, the light will change and one image will blend into another.

You can share these fully interactive 3D objects with everyone online, in the browser, full screen. It works best with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox."

Go to the stil.la web page, place your mouse on the lage photo, click and drag - you'll manipulate the photos in their planes (as in geometry) Click on the example.

Screen shot of   http://stil.la/

After you've taken your pictures with Stilla, you're asked to create an account with the site (free) so you can export them from your phone/pad to see on the web.  Yout pictures are private by default - you'll see your own gallery from inside the app.  You can share them by emailing the unique link to that photo, post it on Twitter or on Facebook.

The app is made by Maybe It's The Lighting in Berlin.