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27 May 2012

Exploring our Community Services - the app

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the work the Middle Primary Class were doing about the community services where our school is located, Cham. They took pictures, recorded audio, wrote text...and handed it all to me, while they rushed into another unit!

I'm pleased to say that the projects on the 3 different platforms we used to show off what they learned are very nearly completed.

Screen shot of http://mvabl.com/
On Moveable Feast, we made an iPhone/iPad app,  "Exploring our Community Services". To take our tour, download the Moveable app at the iTunes store. Open the app, and search for "Exploring our Community Services".
The Moveable Feast site describes itself this way:

If you are a storyteller, Moveable Feast gives you the tools to craft these experiences for people, using an elegant combination of video, still pictures, text, and audio. And we give you the tools to let people know about your creations, too!
If you are a traveler - or even if you just aspire to be, "Moveable" immerses you in locations. With full multimedia, and stories that connect the dots on the map. The curated paths you follow are yours forever - but you can share the experience with just a few taps.
I think Moveable Feast has almost limitless  possibilities for educational use.

Here are screen shots of what the tour looks like on my iPad. By touching the buttons at the bottom, text, photos, videos (we didn't add any video) and audio recordings move onto the screen.  You need to have wireless connection to the Internet to "take the tour".

The same material was used to create a VoiceThread

and a Google Map

View Cham in a larger map

The three products create quite different experiences, but required the same organization of materials.  My advice to anyone wanting to create any of these interactive projects would be to collect all the photos, text files, and audio files, accurately named, in folders, inside the project folder.  I made a Google Docs spreadsheet listing each location, with its text, link to the photo in Picasa Web and a check mark for completed audio, along with the name of the student who worked on that location.  That made it easy to re-order the locations in logical walking order (for Moveable Feast) and to make sure I had everything.