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06 April 2012

Seeing the Earth

Two more interesting ways of "seeing  the un-seeable" have come to my attention in the last few days.

One is a web page where you can see the force of the wind blowing, in real time, (but only blowing across the USA).  Here is a screen shot of how things look as I write this post:

Screen shot of http://hint.fm/wind/

You can click on the map to zoom into an area, and use the table on its left to determine the windspeed you're looking at.
Screen shot of http://hint.fm/wind/
It's even more interesting if you open another browser window with the geographical map of the area you're looking at, so that you can see the mountains, bodies of water, etc., around which these winds are blowing.

Here's the Google Maps section of roughly the same area.  The marker pin is for Fort Collins, Colorado.

The second view is a new video from NASA,  Perpetual Ocean:
"This visualization shows ocean surface currents around the world during the period from June 2005 through Decmeber 2007. The visualization does not include a narration or annotations; the goal was to use ocean flow data to create a simple, visceral experience."