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23 April 2012

Caine's Arcade

This morning I read a post on ReadWriteWeb about this boy, and this video:

"Last year, Monroy was just another nine-year-old kid from East Los Angeles trying to figure out what to do with his summer, when one day he went to his dad's auto parts store. The store was largely devoid of customers, as Dad does most of his business online. Caine asked if he could play with the cardboard boxes that the parts came in, and before you could say "Zoltar," he had constructed his own cardboard replica of several arcade-style games, such as miniature pop-shot basketball and ring toss. He then proceeded to sit in the store and wait for customers to play at his arcade..."

Click through to read the whole post, and get the background story about the video, and links to other posts and stories about Caine's Arcade.  You'll want to explore the insightful Forbes story by TJ McCue, who "write(s) about makers and inventors and creators."