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23 March 2012

"We, our digital selves, and us"

Alan Levine  has been a web "friend" and mentor of mine for a number of years.  He's a pillar of my Personal Learning Network.  Yesterday, he posted this video on his blog:

He writes about the idea behind the video,
"I got interested in the frame of “Manage your own online identity rather than have it managed for you”. I also wanted to tap into questions I have about the not so sharp line between what we do online and (is it really cliché to say “offline”? “f2f”) the “other place”. I wanted to get away from the typical identity banter of fear and theft.
So I had the idea to create this video as a conversation between three of me- Alan.offline (away from the computer, outside), Alan.online (me always appearing Max Headroom like on a screen), and some version fo Alan that is both (me holding a piece of technology)." (link)
I'm very interested in his idea of the "blending" of online-offline, and what it implies for how we teach our students to use the Internet, and manage themselves generally.  ISOCS has been a 1:1 school since it opened; next year we will add tablets to the mix of tools.  I think this will change the students' relationship to the web, and our relationship to the students' relationships in ways we can only imagine today in our planning stage. We need to re-think the whole "digital citizenship" and "information literacy" picture.

Background reading, links and resources mentioned in the video can be found on this wiki.  I recommend you read both his original blog post, and have a look at the wiki.