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10 March 2012

Poetry Publishing

One of the blogs I read regularly is iPads at Burley, which recounts how "a public elementary school in Chicago integrates the iPad into its first through fifth grade classrooms".   Catching up on my reading today, the post from 27 February 2012, by Ms. Ziemke Fastabend caught my eye: Poetry Publishing on the iPads.

I'm especially interested because our Middle Primary Class is also publishing their poetry. Some of the Chicago students wrote some of their poems on iPads, and I was captivated by the beauty of the pages they were able to create with Drawing Pad.  The Burley post is an interesting recount of the class's writing process, and it has eye-catching screenshots from the student iPads.

Screen shot from iPads at Buley

Our students created their poetry on their laptops, using MS Word, where adding color and graphics is a bit more arduous. I envied the Burley students their creative possibilities.

I'm looking forward to the promised epub poetry anthologies from Burley, and am wondering what interesting formats we might use to present our poems from ISOCS...