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19 March 2012

IPad app review: Trash Chaos

This is a guest post by Graham, a Middle Primary student at ISOCS.

I am reviewing a iPad App called Trash Chaos.

screen shot from the Apple apps store
What you have to do in this game is to collect and sort the trash into the proper recycling bins. Depending on which level you are on you have more trash to sort. There is: Glass, organic, paper or plastic. I  am only on level 3 and I can't wait to see level 4.

 Each time you finish a level a yeti Comes up and asks you questions about  recycling. I like this game because you have to sort quickly so you can save the earth from polluting and zap monsters at the same time.

This app was 99 cents, but I got it for free on appsgonefree.com.