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05 February 2012


A post on by Richard Byrne on FreeTech4Teachers last week reminded me about Wiki Summarizer.  I decided to see if this might be a useful tool for ISOCS Senior Primary Class, who are about to launch into an inquiry about exploration.

Looking at the Summarize Wikipedia article tab, I put "exploration" into the search bar, and saw this page open:
Screen shot of wikisummarizer.com
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There is a choice of three views - Visual Summary (shown above), Tree View, and Keyword Cloud.- By clicking on the " signs, you can open up more information:
Screen shot of wikisummarizer.com
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But if I use the Search Wikipedia tab, with the same keyword search, I see these results:
Screen shot of wikisummarizer.com 
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Mmmm....not the results I thought I might find.....and the results are not links back to the original articles in Wikipedia.

If I choose the Keyword Cloud option, the words are "clickable", and the whole cloud can be embedded:

Test this out by clicking on "Orex Exploration", and see what you find.  Wait - before you click, what do you thin (an) Orex is?  Do you think WikiSummarizer would be a useful tool?