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24 February 2012

Sound Sculpture Created from Paint

More in our "Seeing the Unseeable" series 

On one of my favorite photography blogs, PetaPixel, last week I saw photos that Martin Klimas had taken of paint in the air - Sound Painting Photographs with Paint and Speakers.
Klimas "spent six months photographing portraits of sound by playing music through a speaker that’s crowned with paint. Klimas dials up the volume and then photographs the paint coming alive from vibrations caused by the sound waves."
Screen shot from PetaPixel.com
There's a video on Vimeo of how to create  pictures like these :

making messes from Chad Westover on Vimeo.Shot and Edited by students at Arizona State University Polytechnic in the Graphic Information and Technology Program, part of the College of Technology and Innovation

The science is explained in this video, and is followed by the commercial for Cannon color printers which commissioned the work:

Canon Pixma: Bringing colour to life from Dentsu London on Vimeo.
With a little searching on the Internet, I found other pictures like these:

Screen shot from Flickr.com
 Click through to the Flickr page and see all of this Colorful Sculptures set.

Screen shot from Flickr.com
Click through to the Flickr page and see all of these "Water Figures" photos from the artist who created the Cannon video.