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20 February 2012

Recorders and iPads

For the ISOCS students who have been learning to play the recorder, and who have an iPad 2 at their disposal

I saw this app, Recorder Master,  on one of my iPad review sites this morning.  What caught my attention was the way the player controlls the game - "... the sounds you play control the game play. This awesome game is the perfect introduction to music. The game is activated by a regular recorder (or flute) and by touch." (link)

Uploaded by  on Feb 1, 2012
JoyTunes Recorder Master iPad app for practicing the recorder by using the actual instrument as the controller to an exciting iPad game.
Apple's Staff Favorite and #1 Music Game in the UK.

Here’s an App Store link for Recorder Master; it’s a free app.
The app has received very favorable reviews.  Here's a bit of the review from iApps for Teachers:

"I found the game to be very entertaining. As I said before, the idea is brilliant, and I’ll add that the execution is amazing. I found the app to be very responsive to the notes being played. I would have loved to have a game like this when I was learning the recorder all those years ago. The theme and animations of Recorder Master are familiar, and it works very well. If your child is learning to play the recorder, pick this application up. The newest updated provided a new map that changes the scenery, and focuses on the notes C, and D. I have no doubt JoyTunes will continue to update Recorder Master with more content,  and for the price of free, you cannot go wrong. Next stop- Our Favorites list."

It turns out this is not the only music game this company makes: