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04 February 2012

Poetry Friday -- A Leaf Can Be.....

For the Middle Primary Class at ISOCS, who are inquiring into Poetry.

On the Year of Reading blog's Poetry Friday post this week I found out about A Leaf Can Be, by Laura Purdie Salas. Illustrated by Violeta Dajiba

"In a rhyming text, accompanied by luminously illustrated pictures, Laura Purdie Salas explores all the things a leaf can be throughout the seasons."

"A leaf is a leaf.
It bursts out each spring
when sunny days linger
and orioles sing.

A leaf can be a...
soft cradle
water ladle
sun taker
food maker
tree topper
rain stopper"

"...I want to pair this book with A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes by Liz Scanlon and have students compare and contrast the way these poets crafted their metaphors...In fact, this book is a great example of an extended metaphor..."

I urge you to read the entire post at "A Year of Reading" here.

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A leaf can be a...Shade spiller...Mouth filler...Tree topper...Rain stopper....Find out about the many roles leaves play in Laura Purdie Salas' poetic exploration of leaves throughout the year. Beautiful art by Violeta Dabija. A Leaf Can Be... is published by Millbrook Press, 2012.

This book has been widely reviewed in the world of Children's Librarians and Science Teachers. One of them, Simply Science, wrote this:

"Spare, simple verse follows the many ways leaves contribute to nature and life in this lovely, appealing picture book. The job of leaves changes with the changing seasons and the book traces these events with Salas’s lyrical poetrytext. Soft greens wash the pages until the seasons change and Dabija’s mixed media art makes the book lovely and soft, inviting the reader into a gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, world of nature.
Back matter includes specific facts and examples of each of the word choices used. The book also has glossary and further reading suggestions."