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10 January 2012


For the Middle Primary Class at ISOCS, who are thinking about similes and poetry.

After I read Miss Judy's post about similes, I went to Flickr Poet to see what I could see.

I asked it to show me "Love is like a rose".
screen shot
Click image to se it e full size

I clicked "Show Story" again, and the pictures changed.
screen shotClick image to se it e full size

Sometimes it takes several tries to get a string of photos that makes sense, or is acceptable.
screen shotClick image to se it e full size
Flickr Poet is pulling up photos according to the tags that people have given to their photos on Flickr.  That's why the photos for both "life" and "is like" are often a little odd.   Results tend to fluctuate wildly between random and deeply meaningful.  What pictures have you taken that you could label with the tag "is like" ?

Go to Flickr Poet and give it a try.

(Flickr Poet is linked on our unit wiki, too.)