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10 January 2012

Playing with similes, fonts, colors and images

In December the Middle Primary Class at ISOCS used the BlackText website to make portraits of themselves, using poems they wrote to describe themselves.

I was wondering how the same site would do to make images of similes (because that's what the Middle Primary Class at ISOCS is talking about in their poetry unit right now. So I did some experiments.
  • First, I opened a Word Pad document, pasted the text of the poem the class read with Miss Judy, and then eliminated all the punctuation and lines.  We learned that this was a quick way to make text usable for copy and paste on the BlackText site when we did our portrait projects.   When I was done, the poem looked like this:
A Red Red Rose O My Luve like a red red rose That's newly sprung in June O My Luve like the melodie That sweetly played in tune  As fair art thou my bonnie lass So deep in luve am I And I will luve thee still my dear Till all the seas gang dry my dear While the sands o life shall run And fare thee weel my only luve And fare thee weel awhile And I will come again my luve Tho it ware ten thousand mile
  • Next, I went to PhotoPin , to  find a picture of a red rose. I found two I thought might do, so I downloaded them, and copied the photo credit text, and pasted it onto my WordPad page, so I could use it later.  
screen shot from PhotoPin
  • I went back to the BlackText page, uploaded my photo, pasted in the poem text, and began to experiment with font size, color, etc.
screen shot from BlackText.com
I made a lot of versions, but decided I liked this one best

Created at BlackText.com   photo credit: DartmoorGiant via photopin cc
Click on the image to see it full size

That was fun, so I decided to use another site we've used before in class, Wordle.  I already had the text prepared, so I pasted it into the text window on  the Wordle site.
screen shot
Then I began to experiment with the results.
screen shot from Wordle.net

I decided I liked this one best:
screen shot from Wordle.net