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19 January 2012

Augmented Reality on your plate

Are you bored with your dinner?

Uploaded by  on Jan 10, 2012
"A World Exclusive -- New for 2012!
English Hedgerow, a contemporary chintz design, comes to life with Augmented Reality
Experience the world's first augmented reality ceramics - as the tradition of Royal Winton Fine Bone China meets the latest 3D animation technology.
See and hear life in an English hedgerow as the sun rises - bask in its calm and be replenished by its simplicity. Amid the brambles, beech and dandelions, a busy bullfinch tends to its nest. As a fly buzzes in the oak and hazel, a caterpillar curls in the grass and a butterfly flutters through the hawthorn and stitchwort ...
Created by referencing flora and fauna occurring in natural English hedgerows, the modern Chintz pattern, designed by Andrew Tanner with Jason Jameson and James Hall, is brought to life by an app created by Unanico Group. An iPhone, iPod or iPad transforms the classically-inspired design into augmented reality, unashamedly bringing chintz into the digital age!
Experience it for yourself. Simply download the free English Hedgerow app to your iOS handheld device, point the rear-facing camera at the pattern and watch the story develop on your screen, changing and interacting as you move the camera around the design.
To find out more, visit http://www.unanico.com/ehh.html"

Go to the iTunes App store and download the English Hedgerow app for iPad or iPhone.  Then go to http://www.unanico.com/ehh.html and open the plate pattern on a new tab, so that you can see the full plate design.

Follow the directions on the iTunes store page:
1.Depending on the English Hedgerow pattern’s position or plane, choose “horizontal” or “vertical” on the selection screen
2.Point the rear camera at the English Hedgerow pattern, avoiding glare
3.The animation will begin
4.If the animation disappears, check the English Hedgerow pattern is within the onscreen outline

Make sure your sound is turned up.

This has got to be one of the cooler silly things to do with an iPad/iPhone.  But think of the possibilities!