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01 November 2011


These are links to websites that might be useful for the ISOCS Middle Primary Class, which is interested in finding out how to know how big something is.

Screen shot from Math is Fun

Basic information can be found at Math is Fun

Click here to go to the BBC Bitesize site and measure some Bamzooki

Screen shot from BBC Bitesize

If you click here, you'll find some scientific equipment in a weather station that needs to be read. (click on the word "Go" to get started.)
Screen shot from http://www.teacherled.com/
If you want something harder, try the Scale Challenge.
Screen shot from Scale Challenge
On this page you'll find lots of activities.  Choose "Measurement" under each year group, and then click on the arrow in the picture to make it open full screen.  Here's one that's not as easy as it looks.
Screen shot from TES Board