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19 September 2011

Nature videos as UI resources

I've been watching a lot of nature videos on the Internet recently, as we prepare a unit of inquiry for the Middle Primary Class, "Who do we share the planet with?"

Do you think the Middies will be able to spot the spoof?

I've also been experimenting with the myriad of tools now available for editing, viewing, downloading, etc. videos.  Here are some of my results:

TubeChop lets you cut up a video, and create an embed code for just the part you want to share. Here are bits of a "Funny British Animal Voiceovers" video:


At Snip.it you can also cut up a video, and embed just the parts you want

cropped with SnipSnip

Watch this one:

Do you think it's "real"? Has it been edited? Is the added commentary "real"?

Here's the original BBC Clip: