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16 September 2011

How to Help Your Child's Brain Grow Up Strong

Do you listen to the radio on the Internet?

I heard this program expert from National Public Radio, on my computer, and thought I'd share it:

There are two main ways to find radio stations on the web - one is to go to the page of station you know "normally" (Like the BBC, NPR, Swiss Radio), and see if they have a "listen now" capability. There's a directory of most of these stations on Wikipedia.

The other is to use one of the hundreds of guides to Internet radio you'll find on the web. such as www.online-radiostations.com -  a radio search Engine. or www.temptation.fm - a list of all available web radio stations in Europe.

There are also two main ways for a station to make audio available on the Internet - on demand files, which can be replayed, downloaded and/or embedded (like the file above), and presenting listeners with a continuous stream of audio that cannot be paused or replayed, much like traditional broadcast media. Many stations offer both modalities for listening.

Missing the news from "home"? Trying to learn a new language?  Want to know what music is listened to in a far away place? Use radio through the Internet as a learning tool.