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28 June 2011

Here and There: The Movie!

Over on the Middle Primary Class Blog, our new movie has been posted. I couldn't resist putting it here, too.

Here and There from ISOCS on Vimeo.

The story of the Middle Primary Class's investigation into "Where we are in place and time".

The Middle Primary Class is a mixed Year 2/3 class at the International School of Central Switzerland.

27 June 2011

Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench

Looking at this infographic from the BBC, can you see how high you have been? how deep in the ocean you've been?
Our Amazing Planet explores Earth from its peaks to it mysterious depths.
Source OurAmazingPlanet.com, Exploring the wonder and beauty of planet Earth through exclusive news, features and images.
One of my favorite podcasts, Radio Lab, recently posted this episode, Talking to Machines.  You can listen here, or click through to the program page.

This image is used on the program's web page, and if you listen to the podcast, you'll find out why.
Wire head (paul+photos=moody/flickr)
"We begin with a love story--from a man who unwittingly fell in love with a chatbot on an online dating site. Then, we encounter a robot therapist whose inventor became so unnerved by its success that he pulled the plug. And we talk to the man who coded Cleverbot, a software program that learns from every new line of conversation it receives...and that's chatting with more than 3 million humans each month. Then, five intrepid kids help us test a hypothesis about a toy designed to push our buttons, and play on our human empathy. And we meet a robot built to be so sentient that its creators hope it will one day have a consciousness, and a life, all its own."
I think this podcast will be of interest to all my geeky student friends at ISOCS (particulary the last segment)!

26 June 2011

Grease à la Lego

This video is for the Senior Primary Class, and Ms. Slavka, who know this song inside out!

25 June 2011

Gas, Liquid, Solid and Creativity

I've been keeping an eye out for interesting, appropriate and useful websites to resource a new unit of inquiry into that old chestnut, "Materials",  and came across this page from a team of designers in Biel/Bienne.  Creaholic describes their process on their Process page as

Screen shot from http://www.creaholic.com/services/process
I love the way the States of Matter terminology has been shifted into the creative process - the MYP Design Cycle in a more down to earth, physical paradigm!  It certainly describes our classrooms - the exuberant excitement in the air when the students first unpack  a new idea; the calming, leveling, and smoothing of the atmosphere in the classroom as they settle down to their investigations; and the end of a unit, as their learning presents itself in a visible form.

18 June 2011

Sharing beliefs

This is for the Senior Primary Class, which investigated Beliefs earlier in the school year.

A class of 20 4th grade students in Melbourne made this Voicethread, and posted it on their blog.  Watch the VoiceThread embedded below, and then click through to their blog to read the comments left by readers around the world.

"As part of our inquiry into the beliefs and values of different cultures, some of the students in Year 4 helped to make this VoiceThread. A VoiceThread is a slideshow that enables us to have a group conversation with people from anywhere in the world!

In this VoiceThread, students from Year 4 speak about the customs and beliefs of the Jewish culture, and ask some interesting questions about other cultures. This VoiceThread will hopefully be viewed by people around the world who might choose to share with us some of their customs, and the values and beliefs behind them!"

17 June 2011

Where shall we go - What shall we see?

Screenshot from http://inanyevent.ch/

A new website of interest to us here at ISOCS went online this week: inanyevent.ch.
"Inanyevent.ch is a critical English-language guide to events and what’s on in Switzerland. Every week our staff research hundreds of relevant events which might interest the English-speaking community already established in Switzerland as well as tourists and business people aiming to visit the country. Each article and listing is scrupulously checked for accuracy. 
A good site to keep an eye on with summer holidays around the corner!

It's searchable by date, location, and/or keyword.  You can follow new posting on the page through all the usual social media:
The reason it's here on an ICT blog is because of all the ways one can connect to the editors/ the site - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and rss reader, Wordpress, an email subscription, and YouTube, which offers it's own subscription possibilities.  

What will you find on YouTube?   Brief "Reportage" about some of the events featured on the site.

13 June 2011

Computer Viruses and Worms

Click through to the CommonCraft website and watch  their new video, Computer Viruses and Worms. It video explains the how computer viruses, worms and trojans work and what you can do to protect yourself.
Screen shot from Commoncraft.com

09 June 2011


This is for the Middle Primary Class, which has begun to look at "Structures".  These buildings appear in may places on the web - I've just linked to them here.

Office building in Nice, France

Erwin Wurm: House Attack in Vienna, Austria

Hang Nga Crazy House, Vietnam
Longaberger Company, Ohio, USA - they make baskets

Wonderworks Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA

The Crocked House, Poland

Library Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Office complex in Kaunas, Lithuania

Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, Japan
Peter B Lewis Building, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA

Air Force Academy, Chapel,  Colorado, USA

Calakmul Building, Mexico

Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

05 June 2011

Sow What?

If you're following the MyFarm Project (like I am) you'll be interested in this video. What do you know about the plants growing in fields around us in Zug?