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17 May 2011

Cartographers at work

The Middle Primary Class is investigating mapping, (among other things) in a Unit named "Here and There".  Looking at the school on Google Earth and Google Maps, we noticed that the field behind the school is not mapped correctly (i.e., is not up to date) because our town has created a beautiful nature park. We decided to create a new map of the area. We've been out in the field with our clipboards, checklists, and draft maps three times, discussed our work and compared maps, and are now almost ready to make a final drawing.

We work in our wiki; today students recorded their reflections on their work.  They were asked to write about two things they did right, and two mistakes they made.  Here are some (edited) excerpts:

"I made two mistakes. I did not do the key right and I scribbled too much instead of drawing.
Two things that I did right were following directions and not losing anything."

"I didn't put the benches the right way because I didn't have enough space. I drew quite big. I also made the BBQ too big. I drew the trees well. I also drew the roads correctly."

"1. My first mistake was when I put to many trees and did not have space. My second mistake was when I lost direction so everything was a mess.
2. My first thing I got right is when I got all the mane features so I can do the little features. My second thing I did right was when I  got the right direction so everything made sense."

"I made a mistake when I was doing my key because my keys were swashed together so I didn`t put the other large pylon on the map.
I also put my large pylon in the right spot but it was not connected to the other one in the park.
Something I got right was the paths they were in the right spot and going the right way.

I also did the right sort of fields in the place(the sorts of fields are the grass and wild flowers and the farmers fields."

"At first I noticed that I turned the rocks into trees by accident when I looked at it.  I put some of the features in the wrong place.
I corrected all my work.  I showed where North, South, East and West."

"My mistake was that I made the paths TOO fat. I had to think very carefully otherwise I could do it wrong and I was very happy with map."

"1. A mistake that I did was I made lots of roads that don't exist. This was because I got muddled up with the road from home.
2. I put features too close together so I could not do the other features that were near there.
3. I did the fields right that were supposed to be there but I was not sure.
4. I got the school right and the factory because I remembered were it was supposed to be."