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08 March 2011

Learning German from YouTube

In my Group Resources for Languages email update this morning, this bookmark posted by Belinda Flint (a German Teacher in a Secondary School in Australia) caught my eye:

"One of my Yr 10 students made this grammar tutorial on Relative Pronouns without much guidance from me. This isn't a topic that I normally teach at Year 10 level so I'm very impressed!"

As someone who, rather unsuccessfully, has beentrying to learn German for years, I always look at a resource that gives the impression it will be easy!

"A presentation describing the use of relative pronouns in German (part one).
This presentation will teach you how to use and conjugate relative pronouns in the accusative, nominative and dative case.
You will also learn how to manage the word order in the relative clause, even when using the present perfect tense, modal verbs, werden and seperable verbs.
There are many examples and questions included.

Website referred to: http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/relpronexpl.html"

OK - German is not easy!

In the side bar on the YouTube page, another series from http://www.deutsch-online-lernen.com/ looked interesting simple!  You can watch their videos on the website.