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17 February 2011


Did you enjoy the movie "Toy Story 3"?  Have you wondered how it was made?  How long it takes?  How many people work on it?  Do you think "maybe (you) "push a button on a computer, and a movie pops out”? (link)

The New York Times published an article this week, in their Academy Awards series, about Pixar, the studio that created "Toy Story 3", Animation Advocacy, Pixar Style.  "Toy Story 3" has been nominated for  the "Best Picture" Oscar award.  Read the article and find out what it's like to create an animated movie at Pixar. Here are a few sentences from the story:

 photo by Loren Javier on Flickr
“'A character in the film is kind of like a puppet,' Bobby Podesta, a supervising animator at Pixar, explained. 'Imagine having Pinocchio in the computer that you move around frame by frame, but instead of having a dozen strings, you’ve got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. It gets very nuanced.'”

"Computers are a necessity, but the acting — the voice-over work — comes before the animation. The animators themselves are cast like performers, with some specializing in comedy and others in emotional moments, Mr. Podesta said. And animated moviemaking uses many of the same tools as live action, including costuming, production design and cinematography."

"The Pixar people are big on research. For major set-pieces in “Toy Story 3,” they toured real day care centers and dumps, even once filling their lobby with trash and asking employees to run through it, to see how it moved."

Click here to watch a video tour of the Pixar Studios, near San Francisco, California. At this link you can watch trailers and clips from "Toy Story 3".