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11 February 2011

Floating Paint

Another neat video in the "Being able to see things you can't see with your human eyes" or  our "Unseeable" Department.

floating from floating on Vimeo.

You'll enjoy how the colors, motion and music support each other because of the superb editing. Comments behind the video reveal that "we (the producers) have used an animated colorcorrection in the postpro, but the paint is real filmed with an highspeedcam." With a little searching I found this page, and "It took about 3 days to shoot the liquid paint with a highspeed camera and another 2 weeks of animation/editing and sounddesign". (There's a gallery of still shots from the video, of which one is shown below).
Still shot from "Floating" at http://www.motionserved.com/gallery/floating/907818
Floating's Credits:
Director of Photography: Johann Cohrs, Siggi Kuckstein
Editing & Compositing: Michael Koch, Michael Lübben
Music & Sounddesign: Kian Djalili
Support: MBF, Hamburg