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14 November 2010

Out my Window

You may have encountered the idea of "Out my window" as an icebreaker, or a photo contest, or story starter, but you've probably never seen it in this format.

"Out My Window is one of the world’s first interactive 360º documentaries. Delivered entirely on the web, it explores the state of our urban planet told by people who look out on the world from highrise windows.

It’s a journey around the globe through the most commonly built form of the last century: the concrete-slab residential tower. Meet remarkable highrise residents who harness the human spirit — and the power of community — to resurrect meaning amid the ruins of modernism.
With more than 90 minutes of material to explore, Out My Window features 49 stories from 13 cities, told in 13 languages, accompanied by a leading-edge music playlist." (link)

Watch the trailer below, and then go to the website and explore.  (Be patient, it might take time to load the page.) As you move your mouse over the different parts of the screen, new pictures and sounds will load to tell the story of the people living in the apartment you're "visiting".

"Out My Window" at http://interactive.nfb.ca/#/outmywindow

Thanks to Dan Colman for the tip.