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08 October 2010

Dewey Digger

That amazing source of good information, Free Technology for Teachers, has once again pointed me to a great web site, Dewey Digger, and I've added to our Online Library Netvibes page.

To explore the web with Dewey Digger, choose a category of knowledge according to it's Dewey Decimal number.  I clicked on 500's, and the clicked on "animal" as my search term.

Then I choose Google as the search engine I wanted to use.
This is the page of results I got:

Using Dewey Digger is a very easy way to search for information on the Internet, especially if you aren't sure how to write a search string, or aren't sure how to spell a word.  You do, however, need to understand a bit about the Dewey Decimal System - you could learn that quickly by exploring the site's start page.