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29 October 2010

The Children's Shakespeare

All our classes are in the midst of Story Units - telling and writing stories with great imagination and intensity! I thought some might be interested in downloading this book for the mp3 players, iPods, iPads, computers, etc., so they can listen to a master storyteller.

Shakespear's Words by Calamity Meg 
The Children's Shakespeare, by Edith Nesbit (1858-1924) is available as audio files at Librivox.org. Listen to them on the web page, or download them, or subscribe through iTunes. You can also download a zip file of the entire text of the book, too.

"This children's book retells twelve of Shakespeare's most popular plays as stories for children. Each of the plays are rewritten as short stories or fairy tales suitable to keep the attention of child readers or listeners. The introduction of the book cites a child's ability and desire to become familiar with the works of Shakespeare as a stepping-stone toward a greater appreciation of the actual plays later in life."