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08 October 2010

13 Words

This post is for ISOCS Junior and Middle Primary classes, about to begin Units of inquiry into story telling and writing.

Lemony Snicket fans will be pleased to know that there's a new book out titled "13 Words"
by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Maira Kalman.

Here are the 13 words -
1. Bird
2. Despondent
3. Cake
4. Dog
5. Busy
6. Convertible
7. Goat
8. Hat
9. Haberdashery
10. Scarlet
11. Baby
12. Panache
13. Mezzo-Soprano

(You can read the book by clicking on the "Browse inside this book" in the little square with the book cover at the top of this post.)

Here's the book trailer (which is an awfully clever way to tell about a book - think "book report"):

(Wouldn't it be fun to share your ideas about books you've read like this? All you need is a camera, a microphone, and a little bit of video editing in iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, or an online editing tool like those listed here, here, and here, and of course, a place to share your book trailer - a class blog, perhaps? Do you think you could write a story based on a short list of words?)

If you don't know Limony Snicket's (Daniel Handler's pen name) books, here's a resumée of all 12 (in 120 seconds):