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01 September 2010

How to subscribe to a blog

This Wednesday we'll look at how to use an RSS reader to subscribe to our blogs.
  • Log into your gmail account. In the upper left corner, click on the link to "Reader".
  • Now use control+T to open a new tab, and type "blogspot.com" in the URL bar. 
  • Open a blog you want to subscribe to, and look for the link that refers to RSS, a "feed" or "subscribe"
    • Right click on that link, and "copy link address". (If you left-click, you'll open a page of html code)
    • Go back to the tab where  Reader is open, click on Add Subscription in the upper left corner, and paste in the address you just copied.

    You can organize your subscriptions into folders, for easier sorting and browsing.

    On many webpages, the rss feed is next to an orange symbol like this - usually very small, or the words RSS Feed.

    NOTE - we can't subscribe to this blog, Staff Memos, because it is totally private.