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20 August 2010


I want to share one of my favorite blogs - ZooBorns:The newest and cutest baby animal births at zoos and aquariums around the world.  The blog describes itself this way:
"We think it's a pretty easy place to enjoy and hope you saw something that brightened your day. We also hope you learned something about the need to protect these animals in the wild and the ways in which accredited zoos and aquariums contribute to this cause. In short, we hope to educate while we entertain."
I subscribe to the RSS feed, so that most mornings, in addition to news, and the other things I try to look at every day, I get to see one or two sets of really cute baby animal pictures, with a lot of information about the animal, where it was born, how its family came to be living where it is, etc.

You can search the site by animal, or by Zoo and Aquarium.

Here's a photo or two from the site, to put you in the mood.

"In late June, the WCS Bronx Zoo welcomed two baby Lesser Hedgehog Tenrecs..." (link)

"...This is Anna's first cub at the Erie Zoo...."(link)

"There is happy news at the Tel Aviv Zoological Center. Rochale, a 41 year old female Orangutan, has given birth to a healthy infant. .."(link)

Visit ZooBorns, look at the pictures, read the stories, and subscribe to the RSS feed.
And, um....there's an app for that - a free ZooBorns iPhone app, if you want to see cute baby animals on your iPhone.