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28 May 2010

Place and Time on LinoIt

I've been investigating a web tool mentioned by Richard Byrne this morning - LinoIt. I made this canvass to see how the site works, by taking a few of the web sites in our Units of Inquiry start page, and highlighting them here.

Click on this link to go to the page on linoit.  Below is an embeded frame from the page.  Use your mouse to push is around (when your cursor turns into a hand when you mouse over the cork board), and see everything there is on the canvass.

To use Lino It, you must create an account (free) and be 13 years old.  Primary students could create the account with their parents, and teachers could create an account for a class to use collectively on an interactive white board.  There are various privacy settings you can use on your canvasses, and you can send sticky notes with email, or with a bookmarklet.  Go to  How to lino - lino linoLink to learn about basic operations.  The site might be a useful tool for a start page, or brainstorming, or to do list, or scrap book... I found it much easier to use than a similar site, WallWisher.