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04 February 2010

Typing Chef

Ready for more keyboarding practice?  Go to the Typing Chef web page.

Click on "Start Game".

As you progress through the levels, you also move up in the kitchen,


 Soon you're chopping ingredients, and then cooking... (be careful where you look.  The sign at the top of the page, in this case "red pepper" is NOT the word you need to type.  "green pepper" is falling to the bottom of the page. As you get the letters right, they turn green.  If you get them wrong, they stay black, and your score is not so good!)


Of course, the higher you get, the quicker you have to be with the keyboarding...and along the way, you'll probably see some new kitchen vocabulary words.

Beware! if you try to leave the kitchen early, the chef has a message for you: