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03 January 2010


I played with FlickrPoet this morning - it's a website which creates a visual representation of text you submit.

I typed "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." into the text box, clicked "Show Story", waited a few seconds for the pictures to load, and saw this:

flickr poet

By clicking on "Show Story" again, you can make the pictures change.  Here's a slide show of some of the versions I liked best:

FlickrPoet describes itself this way:

(click on the image to see it enlarged)

If you mouse over one of the photos in your story, you will see its URL, and if you click on it you will be taken to its Flickr page. That way you can learn more about the photographer, and see other pictures taken by the same person.

I thought it was interesting to see what the algorithm chooses for me to illustrate my sentence.  I didn't always understand it, or even like it!  But it's a very interesting page, and worth trying to understand. Why did the photographers describe and tag their photos as they did?

Why did this photo turn up under the word "time"?

photo by Thomas Shahan

Because the word "time" is used in the photo description.