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22 October 2009

Create your own (SuperHero) Comic

If you read super hero comics, and you'd like to try writing your own, check out this web site: Create Your Own Comic. The interface is simple, but the flash mouse work might take some experimenting. You have a choice of 54 Marvel hero characters, 10 fonts, a variety of speech bubbles, and lots of backgrounds. When you're done, you can print or download your book.

This would be a fun thing to do with a small group in class, or a friend on a rainy day. All you need is an exciting adventure story idea.....

If you're not into super heros, consider buying ComicLife software (for MAC or Windows, free 30 day trial). There you have many many many choices, and can use your own pictures and photos.

this sample of a ComicLife creation is on the Plasq web page (MAC)
There is a different page for the Windows version of ComicLife..

Thanks to Jonathan Wylie for the good idea!